Balancing on the Technology Tightrope…


So, it’s no secret around here that I have a love-dread relationship with everything technology screen related. And this month at The Better Mom website we are running a series on finding balance in different areas of life. Today I’m over there sharing some of the positive and negative impacts of technology and also about our [Read More…]

7 Reasons I am Thankful for Media, Technology (and even smartphones)


So last week I shared… About why I returned my iPhone. But I felt that a follow-up-post was needed. Because there are many reasons I’m thankful for media and technology… (and even smartphones.) So here are 7 reasons I like technology, from someone-who-doesn’t-really-like-technology-all-that-much… 1. Because it helps me connect with people I love. Just a [Read More…]

I Rarely Do This…

Photo credit– The Amazing Becky B. Post– just for the sake of sharing another person’s post. But, this one, from my friend Kari…–is worth reading– (and not just because she linked back to us

The Shallows

This morning I skimmed through David Mays’ book notes on Nicholas Carr’s relatively new book: The Shallows. First I skimmed…and then I went back and read.It took a third time before Islowed down andreally read the review. Mays’ book notes are worth reading in their entirety and he’s convinced me that Carr’s book is worth [Read More…]

Thoughts on Blogging After 46 Days of Blogging…

So about 46 days ago….February 8th…I officially decided to start blogging. We created this blog on December, 12 2008.  It would’ve been our daughter Selah’s first birthday.   On average I posted maybe 1 or 2 times a month (with huge gaps in between) until February of this year. Most of the time, I shared photos of the kiddos or [Read More…]

Update to My Facebook Timeout

A while back I posted that I am taking a break from Facebook.My initial intention was to completely close the account, but I decided a “timeout” is probably more realistic because in some ways I think Facebook is almost inevitable. I’m still currently “on leave” from Facebook mostly because I haven’t really missed it.   But a [Read More…]

I Probably Won’t Remember…

I’ve had several people ask me to email them when something new goes up on the blog….but I often find myself standing in our garage trying to remember why I even went out there…yesterday I searched for the phone for several minutes before I realized it was wedged between my ear and my shoulder. Chances [Read More…]

Why I’m Taking a Break from Facebook….

***March 16th Update–I’ve really been thankful for this break from Facebook. I honestly did not miss it (which surprised me) except for the group of long-distance friendships that I have no contact with apart from Facebook. So–for that reason I’m partially reactivating. But–I’m keeping all the notifications deactivated so that I can choose when I [Read More…]

Go Out And Play !!!

What do you remember most from your childhood? I remember… ~backyard tree houses ~barefeet hardened by a summer of use ~chewing on sour grass in the field next door ~iceplant paintings on the neighbor’s fence ~even the daily fear of a black widow spider hiding in the goat’s alfalfa But much has changed for children [Read More…]

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