He is What I Need (Abide Challenge #2)


Last Thursday I flew to Montana, without any notion of what God might do with my time away from home. It ended up being a precious time of friendship and learning and laughter and slowly savored meals. Of crisp air, bold mountains, blue skies and even double rainbows. God’s fingerprints covered the entire weekend. It was a God-gifted [Read More…]

What I Do and Don’t Feel Like Talking About…


  Things I feel like talking about– Princess Cousins… William Wallace and Olaf… (our new Bearded Dragon babies) Fairytale Murder Mystery Parties (Jason is Rumpelstiltskin and I’m an elf) Books I’m reading right now… (The Singing God– by Sam Storms) (Girl at the End of the World– by Elizabeth Esther) (Restless– by Jennie Allen) People I’m [Read More…]

My New Year Starts Today…

New Year

I love having a January birthday. Because if I miss the new year opportunity for new year’s opportunities… I get another chance 13 days later. And that’s what happened this year. Most of my new year’s resolutions (which I prefer to call possibilities) are very similar to last year’s. Possibilities of: Less of ________ . And [Read More…]

Leaving Massah


I’ve been in the Valley of Massah lately (Deuteronomy 6:16). Where I’ve tested the Lord by complaining and grumbling and not seeing– His goodness. Back to Exodus 17:7 Where the Israelites questioned– “Is the Lord among us or not?” Oh forgive me for doubting, for missing Your gifts. For missing Your fingerprints… On the details [Read More…]

October 30, 2013


  Celebrating– Double-digits. And our first teenager. Returning from– A fun weekend in Seattle with family celebrating Grandma, Grandpa, Eliana, Cavan, and Laura birthdays–   swimming, airplane museum, movies, swimming, Rainforest café, and more swimming… Reading– Crazy Busy– Kevin DeYoung The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness– Tim Keller The Golden Goblet– Eloise McGraw   Listening to– The Gettys [Read More…]

Things We Sometimes Forget to Say…

Art Camp

Yesterday our Colson turned 11. And for some reason that seems a lot older to me than 10 did. Each year I try to write a birthday post for each kiddo because I don’t scrapbook much (I “do” the box-in-a-closet-method). And these posts have become a way of recording memories. Also because… Sometimes it’s important [Read More…]

At His Cross…(and sharing over at The Better Mom)

at the Cross

  Today I’m over at The Better Mom… Sharing about what the Cross means in my life. I’d love to have your join me for a few moments of reflection as we head into this Easter weekend. Love, Kara

On the Sick Days…

Sick Days

Today will be a day of Lysol wipes. Seventy-five-percent of our crew is down with something… Ranging from persistent annoying coughs, to high fevers, to vomit. And I’m still feeling a little queasy myself. And this sickness-relay started last Wednesday. It was a good morning to reread Edith Schaeffer’s– “A Shelter in the Time of [Read More…]

10 Ways to Grow a Friendship (for Becky)


  Tears drip off my chin, landing on the key board. This post is for my friend Becky. Who is moving far away tomorrow. And she gave me this old man smoking a pipe for my birthday. Probably my favorite gift because it represents years of friendship. A record of– Birthdays and marriages. Babies and [Read More…]

A Chuppdate Update #7, Thankfuls, Sharing at The Better Mom, and Christmas Treats for You

Chuppdate #7

Thanksgiving was thank-full. Just how I prayed it would be. We were with people we love and the time felt like an overflowing of God’s kindness. Yesterday I was sharing over at The Better Mom about my journey of “leaving Massah” to a heart of thankfulness. It would mean a lot to me  if you [Read More…]

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