New Every Morning and Normal -er (and our curriculum for 2013-2014)

New Every Morning...

So. You didn’t hear from me last week because we started full-time-homeschool on Monday and it was the best week of my life. Actually– It wasn’t. (Thankfully this photo wasn’t really from this past week, but if you want the back story, you can find it => here.) The truth is, last week… I wasn’t [Read More…]

Where Should Your Kids Go to School? (25 questions to consider)

school options

    Yesterday our kiddos’ school sent home the registration packets for next year… It always comes as a bit of a shock each Jan-Febr-uary when this happens. 2013- 2014?  Already? But most schools start opening up registration at the beginning of February and I know that in our area, many of the magnet schools [Read More…]

Our Favorite Fall and Autumn Picture Books

Fall Picture Books

  It will soon be the first day of Autumn… And while I eagerly anticipate each and every season, Fall is probably my favorite. There’s just something about the changing leaves and pumpkin seeds and misty mornings and cider and apples and squirrels and… When our children were very little I started collecting seasonal books [Read More…]

Housewarming Party Winners and a Free Set of Nature Calendar Photos for Everyone Else…


I meant to post this much earlier today, but we were busy feeding llamas and stuff… So now it’s finally time to announce the winners of our Housewarming Party Giveaway!!! (I have contacted each winner by email, so please be on the look out for a message from me if you won.) And the winners are…(do [Read More…]

I Like Being In Fourth Grade or (4th Grade and Dyslexia)

I’m in fourth grade this year. Not literally. But kind of. It all started when we were back in second grade. Or actually long before that… I remember the exact date when we knew… That for the first time we were going to be parents. And God knew Long before that– Who our first born would be. [Read More…]

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