He is What I Need (Abide Challenge #2)


Last Thursday I flew to Montana, without any notion of what God might do with my time away from home. It ended up being a precious time of friendship and learning and laughter and slowly savored meals. Of crisp air, bold mountains, blue skies and even double rainbows. God’s fingerprints covered the entire weekend. It was a God-gifted [Read More…]

“He shall write for himself a copy…” (The 30 Day Challenge)

The 30 day challenge

  Last week I wrote an article for The Better Mom website about the importance of reading and spending time in God’s Word daily and then today our pastor issued a 30 Day Challenge to our church family that I want to share with you… From our pastor– “Last Friday as I put down my [Read More…]

The eMatrix and Why I Returned My iPhone…


  I typed the title  in error. And I hit publish, before the post was done. But that’s what it is– the eMatrix. A maze that I’m still untangling. And my sister-in-law asked me to write this post… About iPhones-returned and trying to live out an example for these little ones with eyes always watching. [Read More…]

He Used Them… (when I needed to breathe)


It happened again this morning. Last night was a rough night and I had incredible intentions of getting up before the kiddos and continuing on with my plan for spending time in God’s Word. But between midnight and 6 am, a certain-three-year-old-someone woke up three times calling for me. Bone-weary. Eyes swollen and puffy. Starting [Read More…]

You Won’t Like This Post When You See It…


And I know you won’t. You will cringe when you see this post. But we’re celebrating your birthday this week and it’s more about Him than it is about you. It’s about Him in You. Because you are Matthew 5:16 to me. You shine your light and it brings glory to Him. And you do [Read More…]

One Way To Encourage Your Child’s Teacher (Sharing over at The Better Mom)

Mrs. Lundy

  I loved my teaching days. And I truly cared about the students God brought through my classroom door. I prayed that He would use me to encourage them and help them grow into the kind of people He created them to be. But, so many times, it was my students and their parents who [Read More…]

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