“To You, From Me” (and sharing over at The Better Mom)


  Today I’m over at The Better Mom… Sharing some favorite-fun-funny-family-memories– I promise it’ll be worth the trip. If you’re stopping by here, from reading over at The Better Mom– Thank you and welcome and… I am so thankful for each and every one of you who give up your time to read these words I write. [Read More...]

It was 3:21 AM Exactly.


I know it was 3:21 AM when I first realized I heard the music this morning. I was having a dream about blind chickens…which totally makes sense. And then somehow the theme song to Jay Jay the Jet Plane overtook the tragic atmosphere. Eventually I woke up enough to realize that I really was hearing [Read More...]

Passing On the Trait of “I Love Free Stuff”


  I was trying to take a quick “power nap” (gearing up for camping packing). But our son woke me up to help him– “Refill the staple gun…” Staple gun !?! And so I decided I should probably check what they were working on so diligently in their tree fort behind our fence. Apparently our [Read More...]

And…THIS is What I Worked on During Naptime.

We spent the morning at the park and Lydia almost fell asleep in the car on the way home… I was sure she was sound asleep in bed. But apparently she wasn’t. She found her sister’s stamp pads and managed to decorate every room upstairs in a matter of minutes. Side note–we don’t want her to [Read More...]

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