What I Want to Remember, but Sometimes Forget…

Remember Series

There are lessons I think I have learned. And then I forget them. Which is why I need those Jordan River Stones. To remind me of what God has done, What He’s already accomplished. And I also need reminding of what He has taught me over the years. So… Today is the start of a [Read More…]

When Eternity Triumphs Over Anger…


For the past month, at The Better Mom website, we’ve been sharing daily posts about anger in a series called:  “From Grouchy to Great: Finding Joy in the Journey of Motherhood”. Today, I’m sharing about how keeping my eyes on Heaven helps in the battle against anger and frustration. Would love to have you join [Read More…]

I Want a Kid Named Barnabas


Drawn from the archives… On a day when we need a little 1 Thess. 5:11 to fill these walls. “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up…” I want a kid named Barnabas. You know… That son of encouragement. (Acts 4:36) But first I have to change my own name. And listen when I [Read More…]

Dear I.R.S. Lady

IRS Lady

  Things have been pretty heavy around here lately. And taxes are due NEXT MONDAY!!! So in honor of filing our 2012 taxes, just wanted to share this one with you…   Dear I.R.S. Lady, 2:59 pm–I am already late to pick up our big kids, but still stop to get the mail. Bad choice. [Read More…]

He Used Them… (when I needed to breathe)


It happened again this morning. Last night was a rough night and I had incredible intentions of getting up before the kiddos and continuing on with my plan for spending time in God’s Word. But between midnight and 6 am, a certain-three-year-old-someone woke up three times calling for me. Bone-weary. Eyes swollen and puffy. Starting [Read More…]

And…THIS is What I Worked on During Naptime.

We spent the morning at the park and Lydia almost fell asleep in the car on the way home… I was sure she was sound asleep in bed. But apparently she wasn’t. She found her sister’s stamp pads and managed to decorate every room upstairs in a matter of minutes. Side note–we don’t want her to [Read More…]

“Our Worst Day Ever”

He said– “Don’t you kinda think this was our worst day ever?” I inwardly nodded. To our boy I just said, “I’m sorry.” And he said, “Me too.  Maybe we can have a do-over?” It started from the moment they got up on this almost-first-day-of-summer. I was tired. They were tired. It was raining and [Read More…]

I Like Being In Fourth Grade or (4th Grade and Dyslexia)

I’m in fourth grade this year. Not literally. But kind of. It all started when we were back in second grade. Or actually long before that… I remember the exact date when we knew… That for the first time we were going to be parents. And God knew Long before that– Who our first born would be. [Read More…]

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