7 Reasons I am Thankful for Media, Technology (and even smartphones)


So last week I shared… About why I returned my iPhone. But I felt that a follow-up-post was needed. Because there are many reasons I’m thankful for media and technology… (and even smartphones.) So here are 7 reasons I like technology, from someone-who-doesn’t-really-like-technology-all-that-much… 1. Because it helps me connect with people I love. Just a [Read More…]

The eMatrix and Why I Returned My iPhone…


  I typed the title  in error. And I hit publish, before the post was done. But that’s what it is– the eMatrix. A maze that I’m still untangling. And my sister-in-law asked me to write this post… About iPhones-returned and trying to live out an example for these little ones with eyes always watching. [Read More…]

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