Talking With Your Children About the Persecution of Christians


Are you a World Christian? Are you praying for Christians in Iraq, Syria, and throughout the world who are facing persecution? A few years ago, I wrote an article about ways to help our children become “World Christians” because when our children were very young Noel Piper’s words impacted my heart: “A world Christian sees beyond his [Read More…]

I Have a Friend…

anne-Marie's Sunset

I have a friend who is going in for a medical test today. Images, biopsies, invasive… Invading the allusion of security and safety that so easily numbs us to eternity. And the results could be life-impacting. Some might say– Shattering. And I probably won’t think-pray about much else today. But– In the midst of it all [Read More…]

How Do You Know If You Know Him?

Jesus love me

I checked out from writing over the summer because we were moving and… Well, there was just a lot of LIFE happening around here. But when I returned and actually checked my blog email, there were three different emails from readers who were wrestling with whether or not they are Christians and if they are saved. [Read More…]

New Every Morning and Normal -er (and our curriculum for 2013-2014)

New Every Morning...

So. You didn’t hear from me last week because we started full-time-homeschool on Monday and it was the best week of my life. Actually– It wasn’t. (Thankfully this photo wasn’t really from this past week, but if you want the back story, you can find it => here.) The truth is, last week… I wasn’t [Read More…]

What Silence Says…


(updated links at end) “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know…” ~William Wilberforce As a former English teacher, I love words. Words create and convey and communicate meaning beyond their literality. For instance, when someone asks me where “Lydia’s real mom lives?”… The question [Read More…]



Today… The news images flash– Of smoke and explosions and sorrow-stained concrete, Of children frantically clinging to parents, And eyes scanning crowds for loved-ones-unaccounted-for. A mama of five enters Heaven. Her husband is left with raw pain and a house of little aching hearts. Today, his first full day without the-woman-he-doesn’t-know-how-to-live-without. This baby– His mama prays for [Read More…]

Praying for Baby Oliver…


  I asked my cousin Hannah if I could share this prayer request with you. I know many of you have already been praying for this sweet little one. Baby Oliver was born on Monday.  My cousin and her husband were told early on in the pregnancy that Oliver would need heart surgery within the [Read More…]

Praying for…

Praying for the Hartfeld and Springstead families tonight… As Jacob and Stacey head home awaiting hospice. Please join us in praying for Stacey and Jacob and their little ones. Dear Stacey & Jacob, Oh sweet friends… All day long. All day long God has brought you to mind. And every place I went today…the conversation [Read More…]

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

Stop Asking Jesus Pinterest Graphic 3

Yesterday we were in the bathroom and I was doing her hair. In puffs. For church.  She’s three. And we were in a hurry-late-hurry. And that’s always when big questions seem to surface. She asked: “Do you still love me even when I don’t obey?” (She’d just managed to spill a large glass of milk [Read More…]

Seven Reasons That We Love Adoption (and why I think about it every Day-Before-Thanksgiving)


Three years ago… Our adoption of Lydia was finalized on the day-before-Thanksgiving!!! And this post– Seven Reasons That We Love Adoption Will conclude our mini-adoption-series for November, National Adoption Month. If you missed the other posts in this series you can find them here: And Then He Told Me that I’m Adopted (our adoption stories) [Read More…]

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